Creating a safe Cayman.
Protecting the things that matter.

CyKids (Cayman Cyber Kids) is a new programme that takes on the hard issues surrounding cybersecurity and the way we keep our families safe. CyKids first priority is creating awareness on these topics such as the healthy use of devices, protecting your personal information and recognition of malicious and predatory behavior. As Cayman’s network continues to improve technology and connect the island, we have to work together as a community to educate and protect ourselves and our children.

CyKids is also building a set of revolutionary new free tools available to anyone in our community that uses cutting-edge new technology in innovative new ways to prevent cyber attacks and protect our kids online.

Our mobile phones don’t appear threatening but when we begin to dig into massive amounts of new research, hundreds of red flags begin to pop up. One by one, CyKids aims to address these individual risks and create real solutions, real resources, and real training to provide us with the safest, healthiest and happiest community possible. Here is an overview of some of our priorities:

Responsible Social Media

Like it or not, social media is part of our children’s lives. Chatting and sharing photos with friends on its own seems innocent but without proper awareness and guidance the use of these apps and websites can start a user down a very slippery slope. Chat and posting etiquette is not something that is readily taught and a simple mistake can open doors to cyber-bullying, public embarrassment and the accidental leak of personal information that can lead to cyber theft, identity theft or even lead an online predator to your home or child’s exact location. Prevention is simple but without awareness these threats could be in your home right now.

Balancing Life with Internet

Many of us look back fondly at the “old days before the internet”. Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by new screens doing new things at a faster pace than ever dreamed; and it’s not all bad. Our kids have access to a seemingly bottomless source of information from all over the world with a single click.

But how much is too much? New studies are looking at the physical impact that “device addiction” is creating in our lives. Kids today are spending upwards of 7.5 hours a day between their phones, tablets, game systems and television. This almost constant exposure has been proven to cause sleep imbalances, negative behavioral patterns, overstimulation of the nervous system and reduced physical activity. Left unchecked these symptoms can develop into real physical and psychological problems over time. CyKids is passionate about providing the right tools for parents to manage a healthy lifestyle in the age of information.

Providing a Community Voice

We could talk about cybersecurity all day – it’s what we do, but one of our core values at CyKids is staying in touch with the community voice and hearing what issues are arising in your family. Through a new set of channels we will be listening to your concerns and working around the clock to find new and innovative solutions as they arise.