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By supporting C@YKids, you’re giving a child the means to gain quality education.

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Providing a Community Voice

We could talk about cybersecurity all day-it’s what we do but one of our core values at C@YKids is staying.

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Cybersecurity Education

The fully guided education your Kids about cybersecurity.

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C@YKids is also building a set of revolutionary new free tools available to anyone in our community that uses cutting-edge new technology in innovative new ways to prevent cyber attacks and protect our kids online.

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Shop with Care this Holiday Season

Admit it. You’ve already saved five different turkey recipes and took screenshots of Black Friday deals for you and your family!

BUT, be aware of the sites you visit during your quest. The wrong click on your device can quickly turn your joyous shopping spree into a digital nightmare. Keep in mind that this time of year is the busiest, not only for retailers, but hackers too.

Protect your credit, money and identity by following these tips when shopping online:

  • Never click on advertising you see online. Always type it directly into the browser.
  • Never shop on open WiFi. Always shop on a secure connection.
  • Don’t store credit card on sites. Always input the information manually.